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Mountains are high and hard to climb, but they offer ME a better view

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Hearing the high beat,
my arms outstretched in the tingling
Process of transformation,
and soon tough legs,
With folded feet,
trail in the sounding vacuum
of passage.

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Name:Mec Sexy
Date of Birth:October 03, 1977
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Winners take time
to relish their work,
knowing that scaling the mountain
is what makes the view from the top
so exhilarating. (D. Waitley)

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Monday, April 18, 2005
“Reaching the Peak for Humanity Dignity”
In celebration of World Red Cross Day

Chapter Mountain
1. Negros Oriental Mt. Talinis
2. Baguio City Mt. Cabuyao
3. Benguet Mt. Ugu
4. San Pablo City Mt. Cristobal
5. Camarines Norte Mt. Labo
6. Bukidnon Mt. Kitanlad
7. Iligan City Mt. Agad-agad
8. Davao del Sur Mt. Apo


A. General Objective:

For PNRC staff and volunteers to enjoin the world in celebrating the birthday of Henry Dunant and World Red Cross Day on May 8 by climbing 8 peaks in the Philippines.

B. Specific Objectives:

1. To commemorate World Red Cross activity through an alternative activity;
2. To promote solidarity and friendship among Red Cross personnel;
3. To advocate environmental protection and awareness in PNRC
4. To encourage physical and mental fitness through mountain climbing or hiking which are necessary when responding to disasters in mountainous terrain;
5. To publicize the commemoration of World Red Cross Day

C. Target date: May 7 – 8, 2005

D. Role of Organizing Chapter:

1. Prepares localized guidelines for all participants.
2.Organizes at least 8 volunteers / staff to climb target mountain on May 7 – 8. Number of actual climbers will be the discretion of host chapter.
3.Screens participants (Pls. go to guideline “H”)from other participating chapters if qualified;
4.Makes sure participants from other chapters are briefed and signs waiver before the climb;
5. Assigns Climb / Team Leader who will responsible for over-all preparations;
6. Coordinates with DENR / LGU for permits (if necessary)
7. Arranges transportation from chapter to jump-off point & v.v;
8. Publicizes activity in local tri-media
9. Provides other logistical support to climbing team (first aid kit, rice etc)
10. Evaluates the activity through the climb / team leaders
11. Submits 1-page narrative report with the following annexes:
a. Climb itinerary
b. Post-climb evaluation summary
c. Photo documentation (if possible taken by digital camera)

E. Role of Participating Chapters:

1. Provides logistical (transportation, first aid kit, rice etc) support to their climbers;
2. Makes sure participants has climbing experience and has necessary equipments and gear for mountain climbing;
3. Publicize participation in local tri-media

F. Role of Regional Directors

1. Monitor preparation of host chapters;
2. Encourage participation of other chapters in their respective area;
3. Provide logistical support, if needed, to host or participating chapters;
4. Reports to the Office of the SG if, for any reason, a host chapter would back-out;
4. Selects, with the assistance of project coordinator, another chapter to host activity.

G. Role of NHQ:

1. Distributes guidelines to all chapters via administrative memo
2. Monitors implementation of host chapters;
3. Publicize activity in national tri-media and to the Federation / ICRC;
4. Encourages participation of NHQ staff , ICRC, Federation staff and other NS staff based in the Philippines;
5. Evaluates activity for possible repetition the following year;
6. Provides streamer for organizing chapters;

H. Qualification of participants (for Red Cross personnel): To ensure the safety of all participants, the following qualifications must be followed:

1. Staff / volunteer of Red Cross : Must be certified by chapter (for participating chapters)
2. Physically fit : Must submit medical certificate
3. Climbing Experience : Must be certified by chapter
4. Proper gear (individual) : Backpack and hiking shoes
5. Parent’s consent : For participating RCYs

I. Group equipments:

1. Tent
2. Stove
3. Cook set
4. First Aid kit
5. Digital Camera
6. Lamp (optional)

Note: Individual gear / equipment to be finalized by Climb Leaders or Team Leaders

J. Climb Organization:

Each team (about 8 members) must have the following:

1. Team Leader: responsible for preparations / “Leave No Trace” principles are followed;
2. Asst. Team Leader: assists team leader in preparations
3. Trail guide
4. First Aider
5. Others: Sweeper, camp martial etc (to be finalized by TL)

For climbs with more than 1 team, there must be a:

1. Climb Leader (CL) : has over-all responsibility in all aspects of climb preparation (itinerary, formation of teams, coordination, etc) and ensure that the “Leave No Trace” principles are followed

2. Asst. Climb leader (ACL): assists climb leader in preprations

K. Suggested Other Activities during the climb:

1. Tree planting
2. Clean-up of trash
3. Distribution of Red Cross information materials (on health, disaster, first aid, IHL in communities / barangays on the mountain;
4. Medical mission
5. Short lecture on environmental protection, first aid, disaster preparedness, IHL etc in the communities / barangays on the mountain; and
6. Invite other mountaineering groups to participate and encourage them to volunteer for the Red Cross

L. Climbing and “Leave No Trace” Reminders:

1. Stick to the trail.
2. Maintain a pace and stay with the group.
3. No smoking, prohibited drugs and drinking along the trail.
4. Don’t throw wrappers or any trash along the trail.
5. Wash, bath or brush teeth away from the water source, especially washing utensils.
6. Urinate / defecate away from the trail or camp. Dig own ditch and bury used toilet paper .
7. Don’t use branches or leaves for cooking. Use portable stoves instead.
8. Don’t leave uncooked food or leftover food in the campsite. Pack these properly and bring them down the mountain for proper disposal.
9. Practice minimum impact camping, and
10 .Always smile an maintain a friendly atmosphere for the whole duration of the activity.
11. Follow the Mountaineers Creed:

Take nothing but pictures
Leave Nothing but footprints
Kill nothing but time
Conquer nothing but heights…

M. For more information, contact the HOST CHAPTERS or:

“8 Peaks on May 8” Coordinator
Email: rcbautista@yahoo.com

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