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Mountains are high and hard to climb, but they offer ME a better view

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Hearing the high beat,
my arms outstretched in the tingling
Process of transformation,
and soon tough legs,
With folded feet,
trail in the sounding vacuum
of passage.

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Name:Mec Sexy
Date of Birth:October 03, 1977
Status:Prodigal Mountaineer
... but I practice LNT ha!

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Winners take time
to relish their work,
knowing that scaling the mountain
is what makes the view from the top
so exhilarating. (D. Waitley)

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Saturday, June 14, 2003

At first, it didn't seem that the 'fun climb' was going to push through. And it was greatly peopled by neophytes... who didn't really know what to expect. From the words of one of them, he just wanted to go out of the house and maybe enjoy the sun for awhile.

Anyway, the group was great. The IT which I adopted from what was posted at aurora.ph was generally followed. We started hiking at past 4:00 PM... I have forgotten that Gulugod had a lot of trails, which will actually take you to the same summit... and we didn't get actually lost...

Personally, I was happy because I didn't wheeze.. I was slow... but it felt like I got my second wind sooner than usual... and it was great to see the first timers in our group being able to manage... without any injuries or bad blood happening between and among us.

We got to the summit just in time for the sunset. And all the usual descriptions similar to awe-inspring and breath-taking can be applied to it... really. It was just really so beautiful up there, with a 360 degree view of Batangas... and its calm seas.

It was also cold... but not as cow-infested as the last time I was there. And with the full moon towering above us, all was actually bright...

Socials lasted till past 2 am... we had to seek cover from the wind around 12 midnight and finished the soacials inside a tent... I also ended up giving token massages to some of the guys...

The greatest thing about the experience was... I WAS ONE OF THE BOYS... in more ways than one...

Other things I really ought to never forget...

1) Never wear sandals to climb... again.
2) Never change your pantyliner and stash your trash inside your pocket for later disposal and then get involved in the socials of your group for it may find its way outside your pocket...
3) Never seek support in what was already said to be a weak tree trunk/branch.
4) Always smile.
5) Do not get uptight when someone is a little late for the climb... be flexible.
6) Always enjoy what view I can.
7) Do not take it for granted that you can buy food at some obscure stop. Buy packed anything here in Manila.

I really had a great time. And that is such an understatement. What's more cool is that these people aren't people I've hung out with before. And I was not with MMS people. But yeah... the mountaineering society IS a small one... and blend them with MMS or not, i'm so happy that i've found another group of people to climb mountains and travel with.

What's more.. it was the first time I wasn't babied or pampered by my groupmates.... the first time I wasn't the weakest climber.... or the one who didn't know anything....

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