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Mountains are high and hard to climb, but they offer ME a better view

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Hearing the high beat,
my arms outstretched in the tingling
Process of transformation,
and soon tough legs,
With folded feet,
trail in the sounding vacuum
of passage.

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Name:Mec Sexy
Date of Birth:October 03, 1977
Status:Prodigal Mountaineer
... but I practice LNT ha!

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Winners take time
to relish their work,
knowing that scaling the mountain
is what makes the view from the top
so exhilarating. (D. Waitley)

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Sunday, May 04, 2003

This has been the cheapest affair i've attended so far.... Rapelling was frightening (especiall that 'flying' Australian style of descending) and I swear, issues of who to trust and how much you can trust the people around you.. aside from the equipment attached to you.... had to be dealt with in split seconds....

But it was fun. And liberating to know I could do it.

Rock climbing... was another matter. It was disheartening for me to be swinging, or collecting bruises on my fingers and knees and shin... or unable to relax. I wasn't scared of falling because I know the ropes and harnesses and carabs etc. can support me... aside from the wonderful people who were supporting me... but I just got easily tired....

I cried my way to failure in the second boulder I attempted to climb. But i'm mighty proud of myself when I attempted it the second time and not only was able to scale it... but also because I did not swing (as am bound to do, it seems, whether I was climbing walls or rocks).

I'm also happy that nobody got into a real accident. I am happy I was with friends. I am happy that I am able to trust more and more peole to support and guide me and keep me from harm.

And I am happy for the new possibilities such a new experience will be bringing to my door.

I just love MMS... and the people driving the organization. And I love the friends who really supported me and gave me reasons to push myself some more.

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