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Mountains are high and hard to climb, but they offer ME a better view

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Hearing the high beat,
my arms outstretched in the tingling
Process of transformation,
and soon tough legs,
With folded feet,
trail in the sounding vacuum
of passage.

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Name:Mec Sexy
Date of Birth:October 03, 1977
Status:Prodigal Mountaineer
... but I practice LNT ha!

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Winners take time
to relish their work,
knowing that scaling the mountain
is what makes the view from the top
so exhilarating. (D. Waitley)

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Sunday, March 09, 2003
Back from the mountains
Mt. Makiling Unconquered

I don't know what happened to me, but even though my legs could carry me pretty well, my heart was not cooperative. I was wheezing really badly. For a moment there, I knew how it felt to have a heart attack, or an asthma attack. It was bad. And also so depressing for me.

Then again, methinks i've started to get stronger also inside. I didn't cry during the post-climb when I was really, really depressed. I feel ashamed for not being able to reach Peak 2 (eventhough, from what i've heard, there's no view there to beheld, and the cold and dust up there would have aggravated my sinus allergy).

But I really felt bad. As in. I guess, the main thing mountaineering will teach me is to how to be humble. The vain part of me wonders why I subject myself to opprotunities for failing such as this.. and yet, I really am happy in what i've been doing.

More bonding with the batch. We even saw a bloody movie (no pun intended) after it, which resulted to me going home very late.

Hmmm.. what else... drafting for sportsfest was also done and i'm kinda feeling out of place with the group i'm in. Am not quite sure if they're ready for my noisy, sometimes obnoxious, happiness. But I am looking forward to making myself stronger.

After all, Banahaw will be up soon.

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