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Mountains are high and hard to climb, but they offer ME a better view

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Hearing the high beat,
my arms outstretched in the tingling
Process of transformation,
and soon tough legs,
With folded feet,
trail in the sounding vacuum
of passage.

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Name:Mec Sexy
Date of Birth:October 03, 1977
Status:Prodigal Mountaineer
... but I practice LNT ha!

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Winners take time
to relish their work,
knowing that scaling the mountain
is what makes the view from the top
so exhilarating. (D. Waitley)

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Saturday, February 22, 2003

It’s what, 10:20 AM of Sunday. Just got back home from the orienteering we had at UP Campus yesterday. Lolz.

Loved my team this time. And we got second place in the race to answer all the questions demanded of us. Was revisited with my frustration to have studied at UP, and also got a blister on my right foot (I’ve learned my lesson, I’d always define COMFORTABLE now as jogging pants and running shoes), but other than those stuff, the orienteering was fun. Got to bond more with my fellow trainees.

Also found out that am a responsible belayer. Was overwhelmed by the wall climbing though. Granted, I WAS able to scale the two easy walls but still, it really tasked my upper body and now my right wrist is complaining intensely. But I have got to really practice.

And I have got to improve on my jogging. I’m giving my blister until tomorrow to heal enough so I can wear my shoes without getting really hurt to run/jog.

For the fun part: THE SOCIALS

I really believed I wouldn’t be able to dance. So I started suggesting we just hang out somewhere and bond. Turned out, we went to Padi’s at Philcoa. We were there before 7 and left at 11. And we also immediately started dancing. Niña and I just cannot be together without causing a riot. It was fun shocking everyone, esply Ohmer and Drin. was shocked myself with how dance-deprived Butch was, as in he was the most promiscuous one there. Then again, Em had to leave early with his gf to go to Baguio.

After that, those of us living in Manila and those going home to Batangas decided that the night is still young, and so were we. Jojo offered his home and we ended up bingeing on Sprite and footlongs. Around one, we decided that it’d be a long way back to where PUVs like taxis will be available and so we slept over at Jojo’s too. That was around 1:00 AM. We woke up at 5:30, was blessed with Milo and bread/cheese by Jojo’s mom (I really appreciated their generosity to us) and we stayed to watch some cable before leaving Jojo in peace. We then headed for Ma Mon Luk (bad me, I suggested the place and it was still closed) but ended up at Chowking’s (yes, again!).

And now, I’m home, freshly bathed and waiting for sleep to come and for exhaustion to really kick in. And while blogging this, Lea, Ohmer, Anche and Marie are all at Robinson’s Place to watch a movie.

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